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Saturday, November 30, 2013


If you  missed out at the Griffin Sessions last weekend this is what we got up to.  We got to design our own pop-up space and the idea behind it was to showcase our in-store labels in the best way possible. We also got to show everyone our black collection for the first time. The team had so much fun interacting with new customers and letting them know more about our brand. A huge shout out to PlayEnergy Drink for giving us the platform to 'play outside the ordinary'

Wednesday, November 20, 2013


To errbody that came thru to our party thank you for making it a night to remember. shout out to PLAY ENERGY DRINK and FLYING FISH  for the refreshments. 

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

STREET: D.O.P.Eorange label S/S13 PARTY

Last friday we had an in-store event for the orange label collection for spring/summer. If you missed out here is what happened.(big thank you to PowerPlay energy drink and MGD for the refreshments)House Catz provided the tunes and my man Jeff Rikhotso the images.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

POP-UPspace: Nightmare On Commissioner

Currently we have a group of talented creative teams who have collaborated in a group exhibition and turning our POP-UP space into a gallery.
This is what they had to say:
In this first collaboration between GrimeTown, VuilCanvas & BrainMushToday

NIGHTMARE ON COMMISSIONER STREET a horror themed exhibition which brings some infamous graffiti writers and artists off the streets and into the gallery with the likes of Veza, 2kiler, Boas, Optone and many others representing active street crews like EDK, OTC & GLOK.

This is a small taste of what you can expect to see from the three teams in terms of future projects which will always be bigger and better as time goes on.

The works on display will be affordable as we make art not only for the discerning art collector but also for the student who is a fan of real urban expression.

Friday, November 23, 2012


Today its been 3 weeks since we opened our summer store in Durban. The idea came about around June this year when our founder @scotchisdope first broke the news about plans to branch out this summer.The idea of taking the brand on the road.With Jozi showing us love and other cities needing a space like DOPEstore we had to make a decision and we needed to make it fast.Options were Pretoria,Cape Town or Durban?Where would we make the most impact? Durban was the final choice...DONE.Now the fun part....LOCATION/LAYOUT/BRANDS/OPENING PARTY/EVENTS/STAFF all this had to be done in 8 weeks.LET THE CHAOS BEGIN

We had a few options to choose from but we decided on this corner space on essenwood road.This use to be a petrol garage/workshop and was the perfect space for us because of how popular this road is and is close/far to Musgrave Centre.(if you are from DURBAN you will understand)

The idea about DOPEstore DURBAN was to 'SHOCK'& 'PROVOKE'!As this was a POP-UP store we don't have the time to build like we had when we did our 1st store in JOZI.So what do we do we decided to  build a black box with 3 small windows and minimum branding (iconic tennis logo in orange to contrast the black.and we decided to stick next to the door)Plywood the top part as it the building has high ceilings.This also acted as a nice contrast to the black box

The interior we kept it true to what we have done with our store store in JOZI.Fashion floor,Street,Formal,HOME+Media displays all drew inspiration from DOPEstore Jozi but the trick was to fit everything in the space we had.In the end we made it work and what we came up with is a great retail environment that we hope our customers in durban will enjoy.

The Last thing was to open our doors,invite a few of our loyal customers,friends and family to an opening party.We would like to Thank PLAYenergyDRINK and MillerSA for the refreshments and everyone who came through and made the night special.

Open:02 Nov - 31 Dec 2012
mon-thurs: 10am-6pm
            fri: 9am-6pm
           sat: 9am-5pm
          sun: 10am-4pm